Resources Introduction

Spiritual Resources

It is my intention that the resources in this section empower you in your life’s journey. There is much to explore here. This section includes webpages for seven topics:


The webpage for each topic begins with an introduction, followed by links to relevant organizations—when available, and a resource list. Each resource list presents references to carefully chosen books that are all part of my library. I have read many of them from cover to cover. However, in an effort to complete this website in a timely manner, I have just partially read or skimmed others.

Books are listed alphabetically by title. Links to the authors’ websites, if any, are provided. Many of these websites have videos of presentations by the authors. For some authors, the resource lists also provide a link to a representative presentation on YouTube.

To keep the resource lists manageable, I have included only a tiny fraction of the books that cover these topics. For example, two of my favorite authors have each written over a dozen books, but only a few are listed here. Though countless relevant books don’t appear here, I feel that the selection of important books listed on each webpage is sufficient to assist you in your journey of self-discovery.