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About Tom Cain

During my career as an entrepreneur, I started six small companies. My primary businesses involved apartment investment brokerage, consulting and market research. I was widely regarded as a leading expert in my field by the Seattle press for over three decades. My research findings also received national coverage, and I wrote a number of business-based research articles for prestigious national publications.

After some remarkable telepathic experiences as an agnostic, I began a passionate quest to understand the meaning of life. Twenty years later, in 2003, I had a spiritual awakening, which I described in the anthology Dancing in the Fire: Stories of Awakening in the Heart of Community. Years after my spiritual awakening I was inspired to start two additional companies to serve people in their awakening process. Science-Based Awakening is one of these. My previous companies were created to make money and provide quality service. Now I spend my time, energy and money on Science-Based Awakening, and I am committed to receive no personal financial compensation. Any profits will go to The Hunger Project.

About Resource Pages

As you explore, you will find resource pages for eight topics that are fundamental to Science-Based Awakening (see the Resources menu, above). These topics have long been familiar to me, though I was not an expert on any of them. Since receiving an inner call to create this website, I have explored each of these topics extensively, reading hundreds of books and watching innumerable video presentations by experts.

Every resource page introduces a science-based awakening topic and provides the Science-Based Awakening Library for that topic. These libraries are intended to serve you on your spiritual journey. Many of the libraries list organizations and, perhaps, videos that are affiliated with the current topic. Every library presents pertinent books that I have carefully selected. Links to these books are arranged alphabetically by the author, and where available, the author’s website and a video of the author are also listed. I have read nearly all of these books in their entirety, with the exception of those in the library for Unveiling Christianity.