Out-of-Body Experience

Self-initiated Out-of-Body Experience is the Cutting Edge of Human Exploration

out-of-body experience

Out-of-body experiences (OBE or OOBE) are experiences that typically involves a sensation of floating outside one’s body. Out-of-Body Experiencers (OBErs) report an awareness of “leaving the body” and looking at their bodies from outside of them.

Robert Monroe’s 1971 book, Journeys Out-of-the Body, is credited with popularizing the term “out-of-body-experience,” but the experience is also known as “astral projection.”

It is commonly held that during an OBE a person’s consciousness is projected out of the physical body into the astral body. The astral body is a replica of the physical body, including the emotional and mental attributes, except the astral body is composed of fine nonphysical matter (subtle matter).

An OBE, which is often self-initiated, is generally safe and not life-threatening. During an OBE, the astral body remains attached to the physical body by a subtle energy cable sometimes called the silver cord, and a portion of the experiencer’s energy remains in the physical body.

An OBE can vary from floating above or near one’s physical body to exploring the physical world or venturing beyond to the Earth’s astral plane. In the astral plane, OBErs may interact with deceased humans and other beings, with whom communication is conducted through thought transference. Some OBErs such as Robert Monroe have explored realms beyond the Earth system. I have a friend who has been a frequent participant at the Monroe Institute and has had amazing adventures.

William Buhlman, a leader in the field of OBEs, recognizes that “self-initiated out-of-body experience is the cutting edge of human exploration.” In his book, Adventures Beyond the Body (pages 131–136), Buhlman cites 24 benefits for OBE experiencers. Of these benefits, the first four are: a greater awareness of reality, personal verification of immortality, accelerated personal development, and a decreased fear of death. The decreased fear demonstrates the truth of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s (1803–1882) statement that, “Knowledge is the antidote for fear.” 

Note: A widely known, extreme type of OBE is the near-death-experience (NDE), which is covered in a separate section.

The books referenced in this section are filled with reports of OBErs exploring nonphysical realms, including the afterlife. I have personally found these accounts of the OBE explorations into the nature of reality and the afterlife to be fascinating.

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Books and Videos on Out-of-Body Experiences

Aardema, Frederick Ph.D.

Bache, Christopher Ph.D.

LSD and the Mind of the Universe: Diamonds from Heaven 
by Christopher Bache, Ph.D., 338 pages (2019)
Following protocols established by Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D., Bache had 73 high-dose therapeutic LSD sessions over the course of 20 years that drew him into a deepening communion with cosmic consciousness. Bache was professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Youngstown State University for 33 years.

Buhlman, William

Adventures in the Afterlife 
by William Buhlman, 272 pages (2013) 
William Buhlman has over 40-years of experience with OBEs.

The Secret of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature 
by William Buhlman, 271 pages (2001) 
Prior to publishing this book, Buhlman conducted an ongoing international survey from over 16,000 respondents from over thirty countries. This was the largest survey of its kind at the time. 

Buhlman, William and Buhlman, Susan

Higher Self Now!: Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution 
by William Buhlman & Susan Buhlman, 323 pages (2016) 

Goldberg, Dr. Bruce

dr bruce goldberg hypnotherapist

Astral Voyages: Mastering the Art of Interdimensional Travel 
by Dr. Bruce Goldberg, 
251 pages (2012)
Astral Voyages presents exercises that train you to safely leave your physical body and return unharmed from explorations of the upper astral plane and the causal, mental, or etheric realms.

Magnus, John

Website: LearnOBEs.com

Monroe, Robert

Ultimate Journey 
by Robert Monroe, 301 pages (1994) 
Robert Monroe is the most widely recognized name in the OBE field. He founded the Monroe Institute. 

Far Journeys 
by Robert Monroe, 290 pages (1985) 


Journeys Out of the Body 
by Robert Monroe, 280 pages (1971) 
This book is credited with popularizing the term “out-of-body experience.”

Muldoon, Sylvan with Carrington, Hereward

The Projection of the Astral Body
by Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington, 320 pages (1929, 1973) 
This book, which was originally published in 1929, was the definitive work at the time. Many consider Muldoon “the father of astral projection.”

Nicholls, Graham

Pavlina, Erin

Website: ErinPavlina.com

Peterson, Robert

Out-of-Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect 
by Robert Peterson, 269 pages (1997, 2013)

Vieira, Waldo M.D.

Projections of the Consciousness: A Diary of Out-of-Body Experiences
by Waldo Vieira, M.D., 272 pages (1997, 2007)
Published by the International Academy of Consciousness. 

Ziewe, Jurgen

Multidimensional Man  
by Jurgen Ziewe, 232 pages (2008)