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Sixth Chakra -Third Eye Chakra

The Sanskrit Name for the Third Eye is Ajna

The Color of the Third Eye Chakra is Indigo

The third eye is the energy center in our body responsible for reality, perception, wisdom, manifesting, and psychic ability. It is our sixth sense and coincidently our 6th chakra. 

Considered part of the brain, it can be made more powerful through meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. The third eye interacts with the rational mind and deepens our intuitive insight to see beyond the veil of illusion that is called “Maya.” It can open a portal leading to the inner realms of higher consciousness.

When your Third Eye is balanced it increases intellect, memory, intuition and enables you to be more mindful, to fully live in the present moment, and to open your mind to deeper understanding and visualization. 


The Third Eye is located above the center of your eyebrows, radiating down to your mouth and up to the top of the forehead.

6th Chakra Third Eye

How an Unbalanced Third Eye Chakra Manifests in the Body

Those with an unbalanced third eye will experience headaches, dizziness, and eye problems. Emotional imbalances include being stuck in life patterns, disillusionment, suffering from confusion, disconnection from reality, and not being sure what is real. Disconnected from a higher power. 

Signs of an Overactive Third Eye Chakra

A person tends to overthink things and have mental fog. It may cause an overindulgence in your imagination and excessive daydreaming. When the third eye chakra is overactive, you may feel overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. You may become overly analytical, indecisive,  judgemental, and be lacking clarity.

Signs of an Underactive Third Eye Chakra

A person can be rigid, inflexible, lacking in intuition, and become unable to self-reflect. It can negatively affect your ability to concentrate, process information, and keep cool under pressure. When the third eye chakra becomes underactive, it can often cause you to be fearful of the unknown.

How to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths. Intone the Bija mantra “OM” sound or an alternative can be the more ancient ‘Thoh’ (toe) sound. Tune into this vibration intently and really feel it in your body. Imagine a deep indigo blue wheel of light radiating from the center of your forehead, sending healing and balancing energy to your eyes, ears, and brain. 

Imagine the very center of your brain where the pineal gland resides, lighting up with Indigo. Imagine going out of your body and opening a gateway which leads to the inner realms of your consciousness. 

Bija Mantra

‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ pronounced ‘Ahhuummm’ 

‘Thoh’pronounced ‘Toe’ is an ancient Buddhist mantra Thoh  is a powerful mantra that activates the pineal gland which in turn activates psychic ability. 

Yoga Poses for Activating the Power of the Third Eye Chakra

yoga pose for third eye chakra

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